Ingine Tech

Rewriting The fUTURE

Solution Provider

IngineTech focuses on incorporating emerging technologies including hybrid cloud and AI that can elevate experiences, reduce operational costs and accelerate new products and services to market.


We ,at Inginetech, help our customers to build the “right digital strategy” from the learnings and insights gleaned from our experiences, to facilitate digitization and automation.


We humanize business processes and adopt a “people first” approach. We go a mile deeper and relate to your customer’s pain points and provide an optimum solution.


We work side-by-side with you to address your unique pain points and co-create to deliver a platform that’s customized to fit your specific requirements.

To ensure projects succeed, we offer low Capex investment and continuous handholding for eventual users.

Increased revenues

Higher productivity

Lower Turnaround Time

A unified platform to manage your insurance business BMI (Boost Acquisition, Multiply Conversion, Increase Retention) with Inginetech CRM

Inginetech CRM helps insurance agents and brokers secure and grow their business with integrated insurance business processes. Thus, creating an automated approach to selling, resulting in more sales, less paperwork, and happier clients.


We help you prepare for the future of insurance. We unlock an organization’s full potential, achieving a competitive advantage by leveraging new technologies like Automation, digital solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics.


Program Management

With our program management services, we help provide a smooth transition from existing to future business operations by clear identification of roles and responsibilities.


Infrastructure and Security Services

Inginetech’s Infrastructure and Security Services (ISS) provide reliable and efficient ways to fight the battle against these new-age cyber threats. 

Why IngineTech?

Ingine means genius people

We provide services to empower customers, equipping them with data-driven & multi-channel lead generation, based on deep customer profiling, to make campaigns and contextual messages highly relevant.

What Clients Are Saying

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