Ingine Tech

About IngineTech

Technology and data is changing the way we work! But how will it change ‘my’ business? Want to know? We at Inginetech can help you determine that.

Who We Are

We are a tech company with highly talented people that are super passionate about what we do and the businesses we serve.


We at Inginetech combine the power of a domain, platforms, and digital technologies to empower you and your business to grow & serve your customer better.


Our values guide our decision-making, fuels our conduct, commitment and impact the relationship we build with our customers, peers, and partners

Our Story

We started building a team in FY19 to focus on delivering world class Digital Solutions using affordable and need-based technologies to Industries and Providers who require a quick, easy to use and supported shift to Digital. In the beginning of FY20, the world was hit with pandemic and the need for Social Distancing and Work from Home led to a huge need for Digital. Inginetech Solutions was formed @ speed to support this need.

Our Guiding Principles

Digitize, Humanize, Co-Create through Digital Emotional Open & Secure technologies


We at Inginetech help our customers to build the “right digital strategy” from the learnings and insights gleaned from our experiences to digitize and automate manual and broken processes so that our customers should not spend time on mundane tasks like data entry or updating customer information. This allows them to focus on the key business tasks which leads to Improve Productivity, reduce costs and grow revenues.


We are all human first, and foremost – isn’t it? You thought we are just another technology company. No, instead of using the standard business jargons, we humanize the business processes and put “people first”, we go a mile deep and relate to your customer pain points and provide an optimum solution to enhance end-2-end customer experience and map customer journeys touchpoints to serve our customer better.


We won’t throw our platform at you and your team and leave you scrambling to figure it out yourself. Instead, from day one, we work side-by-side with you to address your unique pain points and co-create to deliver a platform that’s customized to fit your specific requirements.