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Marketing Automation

We, at Inginetech, provide services to empower customers, equipping them with data-driven & multi-channel lead generation, based on deep customer profiling, to make campaigns and contextual messages highly relevant.

Customer centricity is the most important aspect of any business and proper interaction and communication with the customers is important for every organization that wants to be successful.

Marketing has advanced overwhelmingly over the years to connect with your customers and marketing automation allows you to keep up with the changing dynamics. It allows businesses to interact with their potential prospective customers and convert them into leads.

Leading Analysts suggest businesses that use marketing automation can grow their pipeline by 35%, enjoy 27% higher revenue, and allow sales reps to spend 25% more time on selling.

Inginetech Marketing Automation automates the process of lead gathering, development, and conversion. This helps in efficiently capturing the leads from various sources. i.e through campaigns, social media, and websites and assign the leads to the sales department.

Marketing automation increases the potential to convert even a cold lead into sale conversion through customized emails, content and workflows.

Inginetech Marketing Automation solution gives an added advantage to both marketing and sales teams. It reduces the time frame of sales conversion and therefore increases productivity.

Empowering your organization with profiled data for increased revenue

Landing Page Builder

Design and launch beautiful landing pages without help from developers.

Form Builder

Easily build forms using a simple drag-and-drop editor. Add them to your website, emails, social media pages to capture leads from various sources and convert anonymous visitors into leads that automatically flow into the CRM.

Email Marketing

Easily trigger aand create a series of email campaigns based on the pre-designed templates and set conditions all by yourself.

and Batch Emails

Segment or categorize your leads on the basis of age group, and demographic & communicate with each group in a way that’s relevant to their interests. 

Data Migration

Easily migrate your leads into Ingintech system either offline mode through spreadsheets or online mode through directly connecting your system with Inginetech system.

Push Notifications

Push notifications to provide real-time important insights from the application.


Capture and assign leads to the sales team with automated workflows. 

Lead Tracking
& Management

Leads that have the potential to be converted into sales are sent to the sales team. You can track and manage your leads through a single window system and finally convert leads to custlmer contacts.

Analytics & Reporting

Analyse and measure your campaign’s conversion with the quick reports and dashboards which you can configure quickly on your own.