Ingine Tech


The market is full of horizontal CRMs. We @ Inginetech wanted to change the legacy and built a CRM which is vertically aligned to Insurance to cater to the pain points of Insurance Industry with specific needs using “design thinking” approach.

Insurance companies have unique product propositions, market segments and technology maturity. At Inginetech, we strive to solve the challenges faced by our clients from the Insurance sector through consulting, designing solutions and follow through implementation through SMART business models that can accommodate Capex/Opex models.

Our Insurance capabilities include all Insurance Domains like General/P&C, Health, Individual and Group insurance.

We offer CRM, Automation, Digitization (Data Insights and Predictive using AI/ML), Claims and Underwriting Process Automation.

In this competitive sector, insurance agents and brokers need a way to stay on top of the game while multitasking. From calling prospects to closing deals and scheduling appointments, they’ve got a lot on their platter.

Therefore, a structured process is essential for managing multiple tasks and activities . Our insurance CRM software is a one stop solution for your business as it is both intuitive and adds value to your organisation and clients.

Inginetech manages the BMI (Boost Acquisition, Multiply Conversion, Increase Retention) of your Insurance business to address the pain points using “design thinking” approach.

A unified platform to manage your insurance business BMI (Boost Acquisition, Multiply Conversion, Increase Retention) with Inginetech CRM

Boost Acquisitions

  • Acquire new customers 
  • Capture Insurance leads from all channels
  • Intelligent Workflow
  • Automatic Distribution
  • Track & Connect at the right time

Multiply Conversions

  • Onboard & Convert Customers faster
  • Seamless Quote to Contract
  • Drive Renewals offers smoother & faster
  • Automate end-to-end workflows
  • Increase new revenues through cross-sell.

Smooth Retention

  • Retain, Manage and Serve your customer from a centralized system
  • 360-degree view of customer
  • Store Customer Invoice & Payments in a central location
  • Drive CSAT with faster Collaboration & Communication through different channels