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Insulate Against Broker Burnout

Why Burnout?

A broker’s busy schedule, coupled with COVID19 restrictions ends up more stressed than usual. Managing customers demand a lot of strategic thinking, administrative tasks, and transactional efforts. With a constant need to maintain and keep records of engagements, touchpoint, and memorise on-the-go information, burnout goes beyond traditional stress. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with an increased workload but it gets accentuated when the targets are not achieved.

Ways To Insulate Against Burnout

  • Utilise the power of digital to manage and distribute workload.
  • Plan schedules for engaging with customers.
  • Maintain regular contact with high priority clients.

Single System Has It All

  • Utilise The Power Of Digital To Manage And Distribute Workload.
  • 360-degree view of customer information.
  • Smooth task assignment and prioritisation.
  • Reduced admin work to focus on strategy. Crisp forecast to plan better.

Plan schedules for engaging customers

  • Capture customer preferences on preferred time and channel.
  • Engage customers with omnichannel to serve better.
  • Regularly empathise with customers with automation.

Maintain regular contract with high priority ones for best throughput

  • Automated communication to high priority customers
  • Account information to gain vital information about customers for effective communication.
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